Find C-Suite Leadership Solutions for Your Business With a Fractional Contract CFO

Hi, I’m Bill Figaro, Principal Consultant and owner of The Pocket CFO, a company that provides fractional CFO/Controller, and contract accounting to small and mid-sized business owners.

“It’s not all about us or the firm. It’s all about the client, and we’re looking at the total picture of your business.” —Bill Figaro

What does all that mean? Business owners are struggling, and they desperately need my help, but many of them don’t know where to find me. That’s why most of the business I do is through word-of-mouth referrals. 

There aren’t many professionals out there who do what I do. And that’s why I decided to start The Pocket CFO. I realized the average business owner had no idea of what their growth strategy or Net Income/Cash Flow was. Nobody had taken the time to explain things to them in an easy to understand, yet straightforward way that actually made sense to them. 

That’s What I Do in My Business Today, and That’s Why I Love What I Do! 

At The Pocket CFO, we do everything from the day-to-day to the big-picture visionary strategic planning for companies. To put it simply, we help business owners get out of their own way. We do this by showing them how to increase their Net Income and accomplish the goals they’ve been struggling to reach, but just can’t seem to get close enough to accomplish. 

How I Got Started 

After college, I started out working in Manhattan with McGraw Hill Publishers as an accountant. From there, I went to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and helped manage the Rockefeller Foundation endowment. I worked with the budget department and CFO there.

In August of 2001, I started GROW Inc., providing accounting and consulting services to business owners. After realizing the immense need for Controller and CFO services, I added them to my business offering. We do this by finding out what their current financial situation is, their top frustrations, and the direction they want their company to go in. From there, we work with them to come up with a strategy and action steps. They usually start seeing results right away—often within a few days.

Why Work With The Pocket CFO USA?

One of the big advantages to working with us is that our services are all packaged together, providing our clients more value for their money. They don’t just get accounting, they get cash flow and financial planning, CFO services that give them strategies for their business’s future success, along with corrective actions and tools they need to increase their company’s value. The controller aspect gives our clients day-to-day guidance for the business’s financial operations. All of these wrapped up together offer small-to mid-sized businesses a strong game-plan for success. 

We Love What We Do 

When we start working with a new company, the business owner often gets excited when they start seeing the changes they’ve been trying to accomplish for years. It’s like they have a new toy when they see the real numbers of their business. They feel more confident and begin to think more strategically. 


Find C-Suite Leadership Solutions for Your Business With a Fractional Contract CFO

Is your small business struggling with cash flow problems and implementing an overall financial strategy? Is your bookkeeper overloaded with duties outside their job description? 

You might need the help of a contract CFO. 

Many businesses would benefit from hiring a CFO, but they assume CFOs only work for larger corporations. The Pocket CFO USA is a CFO for small businesses, working on a temporary and fractional basis, without the expense of hiring a full-time CFO on staff. 

What Does a CFO Do for a Small Business? 

A CFO looks at the big picture of your company and does an in-depth financial analysis to determine where your business is financially. By identifying potential risks and problems, a CFO is able to forecast your company’s financial future. Bringing on a contract CFO in your small business is like having your own personal financial consultant. 

Other Tasks a CFO Can Help With:

A CFO can also take on other tasks for our small business clients such as:

– Cash flow management 

– Profitability and performance improvements 

– Overall financial stability  & projections

– Partnership, buyouts, restructuring

– Analysis of financial reports

– Streamlining accounts A/R & A/P

– Accelerating growth with financial strategies 

– Operational analysis & Growth planning

How Does a Contract CFO Add Value?


As part of implementing a financial strategy, a CFO focuses on key areas that drive value to a business on a long-term basis, while working with small business owners to position them for financial success. A CFO’s financial strategy usually includes securing recurring revenue, creating a plan for management succession, and determining areas within the business that are underperforming. 

How Much Does a Fractional CFO Charge?

Because a contract CFO is available on a fractional basis, and isn’t a full-time employee, hiring one is much more affordable than most small business owners realize.  The other thing to consider is how much it’s costing you as a business owner to run your company without the expert help of a CFO. You may be taking risks you’re not aware of, or missing key areas that are costing you financially. Aside from that, your business likely won’t grow as fast without a clear, big-picture financial strategy.

Every business varies, so it’s best to schedule a consultation with us to get an idea of what you can expect to invest when you hire a member of our team at The Pocket CFO USA. 

Allowing a CFO to work for you and your company on a part-time basis can help your small business thrive. 

End Your Business Headaches Today in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Call The Pocket CFO USA at 540.353.1673 OR email us at [email protected] —and schedule a 15 minute consultation. 

Step 2. We’ll answer your questions, talk about your goals, and create a plan to solve your business frustrations. 

Step 3: We’ll move forward with you as a team to implement solution-focused strategies as your company transforms and your profits soar. 

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